Making identity verification
and visitor management
more efficient and secure.

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Our products protect your facilities, employees and guests.

Global brands of every size and industry rely on essentry to make their identity verification and visitor management more efficient and secure.

We combine cutting-edge hardware and software to achieve the highest level of security.

Access Management, for all types of visitors.

essentry is a user friendly, efficient and secure access management system for external staff, temporary access of employees and visitors.

  • Biometric Face Matching
  • Identity Verification
  • Visitor Data Management
  • Check-in Flow Management
  • Health & Safety Briefing
  • Alarms & Notifications

Discover our COVID-19 business continuity initiatives.

Proactive health screenings

With our health screening features, we contribute to a safer work environment and help to return employees onsite with full confidence. Our contactless measurement sensor can take a temperature reading within 0.6 seconds.

  • Body Temperature Detection
  • GDPR compliant process
  • Privacy-preserving Process
  • Health and Safety Questions

A simple and more secure process.

Beforethe Visit

Invite.Invite your guests easily through email and initiate a smooth approval process. Send branded invites including directions and other useful information.

Pre-Register.Pre-register your guests and finalize all arrangements prior to their onsite arrival. Enhance security and provide a seamless guest experience.

Duringthe Visit

Check-In.Check-in with the essentry self-service kiosk. ID cards are verified with border control-grade security. Visitor identities are further authenticated by matching IDs and a live portrait. Every step completely automated.

Access.Access tokens such as RFID-cards allow guests to enter the facility on their own after successful check-in and are granted access through your control system.

Afterthe Visit

Check-Out. Check-out is automated through the essentry self-service kiosk and guests return their RFID-card when leaving the facility.

Documentation.Document what is happening on your site at every moment in time. Capture relevant information such as guest volume and site-specific insights. Further optimize processes through data-driven decision making.

Why essentry?

We redefine Visitor Management.

Protect your facilities, employees, and guests. Modernize the entire visitor lifecycle from invitation to building departure. Transform outdated and inefficient reception desk processes with essentry’s completely automated, integrated, digital solutions.

Elevate user experience

Treat every visitor with an intuitive and seamless check-in experience, while maintaining unparalleled security for your company.

Uncompromised security

Mitigate risk to protect your most important assets with a multi-layered approach using border control-grade identity verification and biometric face recognition.

Cost efficiency

Reduce the Total Cost of Visitor Access (TCVA) through the highest level of process automation. This results in a clear return on investment.

A single platform

essentry allows its customers to manage and govern the entire visitor lifecycle through our single proprietary digital platform.

Adhere to compliance standards & regulations

Data privacy is a priority at essentry. We ensure that visitor data is protected according to GDPR and comply with industry-specific regulations and new COVID-19 requirements.

Easy to deploy

We provide our products "as-a-Service", starting from solution design, integration to operation.

Success stories

With essentry, Apleona transforms our reception services by elevating the visitor experience and improving the security for our customers. We can achieve up to 90% process time reduction which can also result in substantial cost savings for our clients.

Dr. Michael Lange

Chief Digital Officer, Apleona

Discover how essentry increases safety and efficiency in housing and in facility management.

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