essentry solves the trilemma of unverified access and helps enterprises strengthen overall security, efficiency and experience through a completely automated and digital solution.

The System


Invite guests, manage appointments, set up integrations, manage your reception and check-in flows across regions and sites.


Send professional invites, let your guests pre-register before their visit, give your guests directions so they can easily find you.


Provide a seamless guest experience, optimize your reception process. Enhance security with identity verification and body temperature measurement.


Generate badges or RFID cards equipped with pre-defined access rights so your guests can only access authorized areas.

The Trilemma


Corporations often put security at risk due to the human dependencies involved in access processes. There is a trade-off between security, efficiency, and experience with common Visitor Management Systems (VMS), where only two needs can be served at the same time.


essentry solves the trilemma of unverified access to facilities by leveraging cutting-edge biometrics technology without compromising on efficiency nor visitor experience.




Business Benefits

Reduce Security and
Compliance Risk


Leverage automation and border control-grade security technology to:


  • Verify the physical
    identities of your visitors
  • Reduce security exposure
  • Ensure consistent
    compliance to policies and
    regulations across regions
    and sites (i.e. GDPR,
    FSMA, etc.)
  • Enable cleaner and easier

Deliver Better Visitor


Make an 5-Star digital impression at your front door to:


  • Provide a streamlined
    state-of-the art digital
    process experience
  • Eliminate waiting times and
    unnecessary cost for
  • Increase visitor satisfaction
  • Comply with Data Privacy
  • Enhance your digital reputation

Improve Operational


Achieve Time and Cost Savings through:


  • Highest level of process
    automation and reduced
    failure probability
  • Eliminate waiting times
  • Improved host and reception
  • Integrated and seamless

essentry originates from the demanding data center industry where high security facilities are an absolute necessity. Since we deliver the highest level of access security to this sector, we can therefore provide this assurance to any industry, company or building management firm 24/7.

Our intuitive, reliable, and accelerated process flow delivers convenience and efficiency to everyone – first time visitors, repeat guests, and even employees.

We also integrate building systems to consolidate and optimize facility and security operations and make critical processes more secure.

COVID-19 Back-to-work initiatives

Improve Business Continuity & Corporate Responsibility


Enhance business resilience with technical and organisational measures to:


  • Reduce human interactions during pandemics
  • Detect symptomatic visitors early
  • Trace and break infection chains
  • Reduce liability risk for your leadership
  • Limit the exposure to business disruption
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We integrate the systems you
are already working with


Instantly notify employees when their visitors arrive.

Azure Active Directory

Sync your employees with your Azure Active Directory.


Sync your guests and events with your Google Calendar.


Integrate with your smart building applications.

Microsoft 365

Sync your guests and events with your Office application.


Secure your lobby with IP video surveillance.

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