essentry platform - a single source for the entire cycle of visitor operations.

With our three modules, you can fully automate your visitor management. We have bundled all services conveniently and centrally for you in just one place, our essentry platform.

Visitor Manager

The essentry Visitor Manager helps you orchestrate each visit from a single source, starting with the invitation and ending with the check-out. It helps you maintain control over your site at all times and allows you to fit essentry to your needs.

Self check-in and check-out

Intuitive check-in process enables fast and easy self check-in and check-out of your guest.


Use the Visitor Manager to tailor essentry precisely to your needs. Design individual check-in and compliance workflows.

Visitor administration

Invitation email

Include your logo, map, host details, custom text, meeting details, etc.

Bulk import visitors

Import and manage data from Excel (.xls) for larger groups.


Set up different tenants for one location including individual layouts/branding and directions.

Address book

Profiles of previous visitors can be saved and reinvited easily.

Bulk actions

Group check-ins, duplicate and delete multiple visitors in bulk. Print multiple badges with one click.

Reply buttons

Hosts can quickly reply to waiting guests.

Employee mode

Allow employees to complete regular safety trainings or optionally measure their temperature with a fully-automated process before they start their workday.

Event mode

Invite large groups through bulk upload features and use essentry as your event management system. Analyze the duration of visitor stays and review no-shows.

Unlimited visitors

No maximum number of visitors to calculate. Simply invite as many guests as you want to.

Unlimited hosts

Your admin can upload your hosts (users) list from an Excel document or import them from Azure AD. Every employee has his or her own account with no limitations.


Process & workflow designer

Customize check-ins according to visitor types, site rules, etc.

Custom configuration

Define which visitors require approval by a person in charge (front desk, security) at a specific location.

Unlimited amount of self-service-terminals

Manage an unlimited number of self-service terminals in multiple locations, all from one account.

Print badges from dashboard

Print straight from the dashboard with one click.

Unlimited custom fields

Create custom fields and generate an overview of all locations at once (super admin).

Terminal branding

Upgrade your reception area branding by adding your logo, background image and button colors.

Customize badges

The kiosk solution allows customization of your badges and RFID access cards for different user groups. Issue RFID access cards automatically after a successful check-in process. With the tablet solution, paper badges can be issued.

Multiple languages

essentry supports multilingualism.

Compliance Manager

Comply with regulatory and data privacy standards at all times. Build compliance workflows and ensure granular roles and permission classifications.

Privacy settings

Our features enable our customers to maintain a highly efficient visitor management system while complying with GDPR-standards.

Audit settings

essentry offers specific features that help you to create audit trails and be prepared for compliance or insurance-related requests.

Privacy Settings

Individual data retention and deletion policy

You choose your custom data retention period.

Granular user rights

Five different user groups enable general to granular role management.

Advanced privacy rights

User groups have different predefined rights and restricted access to other user profiles as required.

Check-in notifications

Hosts receive notifications after visitors have successfully checked in. Notifications can be sent via email, text message, and various messengers.

Confidential visitor display

Visitor names are not shown on the terminal.

Check-out reminders

Overview of all guests who didn’t check out.

Private address book

Users can save their own contacts to ensure the privacy of your visitors.

Usable on all platforms

Login to your account from any device. The essentry dashboard is a browser-based app.

Multiple admin accounts

Unlimited number of admins at your location and globally.

Add employees from any directory

Admins can choose between employee bulk upload or manual addition from any directory.

Manage your office locations

Manage your local sites from local admin accounts and super admin ones.


Analytics dashboard with data on visitor volumes and site-specific insights.


The terminal reports downtimes in real-time to the person in charge on-site.

Assistant notifications

Assign other users to get your check-in notifications.

Absent host notifications

Receive notifications on upcoming visits where hosts are absent from the location.


Reference to the privacy policy in the invitation email

Reference to the privacy policy during the online check-in

Consent request during the processing at the kiosk

Customer-specific data privacy policy

Audit, Monitoring, Alerts & Analytics

Visit exports

Generate and download Excel exports of your visitors.

Guest approval

Host can approve unexpected visitors with one click.

Safety briefings display on terminal

Provide safety briefings through display screens to clearly illustrate health and safety procedures or additional security protocols.

Agreement signing

At check-in, visitors can sign documents digitally. You can store them as PDFs online.

Default templates for agreements

We provide templates for non-disclosure agreements (NDA).

Agreement validity

Customize a period of validity on agreements such as NDAs so returning visitors do not need to repeat the entire check-in process.

Integration Manager

Let us support you to fully integrate essentry into your existing processes and IT systems – from access control systems and active directories to the appropriate notification software.

Access Controls

Tyco | Software House

Tyco is a leading access control system developed by Software House, equipping nearly 10,000 facilities worldwide with their security and event management technologies.

Lenel OnGuard

Lenel is committed to developing innovative security technology and progressive solutions that deliver leading integrated access control.

Nedap AEOS

Nedap’s AEOS is designed to adapt to your ever-changing needs. It is the ultimate foundation for any application using physical access control. It helps your core business - boosting productivity, creativity and performance.


G4S is one of the leading security manufacturers in the world. G4S has over 30 years of experience in developing state of the art hardware and software systems to secure everything from your local store to protecting some of the highest security establishments in the world.

Paxton Net2

Net2 Access Control is a market-leading IP access control system by Paxton, designers and manufacturers of door entry and building intelligence systems with over 30 years of experience. Paxton Net2 secures around 25,000 new buildings a year in over 60 countries.


Comydo specializes in transforming access management across sectors, supporting large enterprises and enabling the sharing economy. Its flagship product is an access solution that uses QR code technology.

Active Directory

Entra ID

Entra ID is Microsoft’s multi-tenant, cloud-based directory and identity management service that combines core directory services, application access management and identity protection into a single solution.

Microsoft AD FS

Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) is a software component developed by Microsoft, providing users with single sign-on (SSO) access to systems and applications located across organizational boundaries.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a group of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software and other products developed by Google.


MS Outlook

Microsoft Teams is a unified communications platform that combines persistent workplace chat, video meetings, file storage and application integration.


Thanks to the generic calendar integration, anyone from your organization can create invitations directly from their calendar. Compatible with most market solutions (Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, etc.), it will enable visitor pre-registration in a fast and simple way.


Stick to your already established processes and invite visitors through your Salesforce platform thanks to the essentry-Salesforce integration. essentry can be launched automatically.



Stay informed about the visitor’s arrival or even check-out visitors – all through your existing email client.

MS Teams

Microsoft Teams is a unified communications platform that combines persistent workplace chat, video meetings, file storage and application integration. Stay informed about the visitor’s arrival or even check-out visitors – all with just one click in Microsoft Teams.


Slack is a popular team messaging platform. Stay informed about the visitor’s arrival or even check-out visitors – all with just one click in Slack.

System Security

Platform Security

essentry is built on best-in-class cloud services. These services are configured by cloud experts, which ensures an extremely high level of security and minimizes the risk of configuration errors.

Platform Architecture

Highly secure, enterprise-grade infrastructure

Enterprise-grade infrastructure.

essentry is ISO 27001 certified on the basis of BSI IT-Grundschutz (BSI-IGZ-0459-2021).
essentry servers are hosted in SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001 certified facilities in the Frankfurt (Germany) region.

Our data center facilities are secured with a perimeter of multi-level security zones, 24/7 manned security forces and CCTV video surveillance. They are secured by multi-factor identification with biometric access control, physical locks and alarm systems in case of security breaches.

High availability.

essentry offers a highly available service. Should an incident occur, we have comprehensive incident response and customer notification procedures in place. We have a 24/7 service center and offer an onsite service for hardware-related issues with a 24x7x4 hour availability.

Data encryption.

The communication between the user and the essentry servers is encrypted according to industry best practices: HTTPS and Transport Layer Security (TLS) over public networks. Qualys’ SSL labs have rated our servers Level A+. In addition, when using our Windows kiosk, the total network traffic is routed via our IPSec VPN. The hard drives of all servers are encrypted according to AES-256.

Third-party penetration testing.

In addition to our extensive internal scanning and testing program, penetration tests are performed by selected service providers. essentry contracts third-party security experts to conduct a thorough annual penetration test for the entire essentry service offering.


Compliance standards

At essentry, data privacy is a priority. We value our customers’ trust and will ensure their visitor data is protected. We demonstrate our commitment to privacy preservation in both our processes and technical application design. We pursue a systematic privacy-by-design strategy.

Established and often manual processes

Insufficient verification of the identity document (ID)

Typically, humans are not able to verify IDs from all different countries and check whether the ID contains all the important security features. Additionally, it is not a welcoming user experience to have to hand over one’s own identity card to another person for verification purposes.

Manual face match

The human eye performing face matches has proven to be significantly more error-prone than face matches conducted by computer-based algorithms.

Manual data processing and non-transparent retention policies

Typically, visitor data is stored and shared in multiple systems or paper logbooks, to which multiple people have access. Retention and deletion policies of these systems are often neither transparent nor are they enforced.

Non-transparent privacy policy and user consent

If displayed at all, privacy policies are typically only shown on paper (small font and/or back of page) and user consent is not centrally stored and, as a result, is not retraceable (e.g., for audits).

What essentry does

Verification of the identity document (ID) locally

The essentry kiosk verifies the ID by taking images of the document, using three different light sources to check if the document has all security features. The images are immediately deleted after the verification.

1:1 face match

essentry matches the person’s photo on the ID with the photo of the person in front of the kiosk only. To achieve this match with the highest accuracy, we rely on enterprise-grade algorithms.

Advanced privacy rights and transparent retention policies

essentry is tailored to its customers’ needs with advanced privacy rights that only allow designated people to have access to necessary information. essentry’s platform provides a transparent overview of the retention periods and deletion rules at all times.

Clear privacy policy and user consent

essentry clearly points its users to the customer-specific privacy policy on multiple occasions throughout the process. For example, the invitation email includes a link to the privacy policy and the terminal also asks for user consent before processing any sensitive data.

What essentry does not do

Verification of the identity document (ID) in the cloud

essentry never stores images of the full ID in its records – neither locally nor in the cloud. The verification of the ID only takes place locally. If required, only the person’s picture on the ID is matched with the picture of the person in front of the kiosk.

1:n facial recognition

essentry never matches a photo against a larger database to verify photos and identities.

Same privacy rights for everyone and infinite data retention

With essentry, limited access to necessary information is based on permissions and what designated individuals are allowed to see. essentry strictly follows GDPR data protection regulations, including transparent retention policies.

Processing sensitive data without given consent

essentry does not process sensitive data at any time prior to consent. Only after the user has accepted the privacy policy and given their consent, will we initiate the verification process.

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