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A Customer Success Story – NTT Global Data Centers

Watch the video to learn how NTT's security team has increased security, met regulatory requirements, saved costs and harmonized the access process across sites.

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Automated access control for construction sites

Together with our partner e-shelter security ( we implement modular and intelligent access solutions for your construction site.

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Demo Video - Access Management with Identity Verification

Uncompromised security - access management including badge verification, biometric face matching, an identity verification under one minute and ISO 27001 certification - with essentry.

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Yes, essentry offers a complete integration of its system into the infrastructure already used by the customer. This enables a smooth and efficient onboarding process, avoids extensive restructuring and expenses and enables a problem-free launch of the essentry product.

essentry uses two cloud providers: Google Cloud and AWS. All data is stored on Google Cloud servers residing in Germany. AWS is used solely for the biometric facial matching and only processes the cropped-out photograph from the ID document along with the photo taken by the kiosk. No data is stored with AWS.

Yes, service and maintenance are part of essentry’s managed service offering. This managed service allows customers to have peace of mind regarding visitor access management without the need to mobilize additional resources.

The data stored from guests include name, company, email address, signed documents, the cropped-out photo from the ID document and the photo taken at the kiosk. No other information from any ID documents is stored, preventing the ability to reconstruct the ID. The data retention periods are individually customized by the customer. Furthermore, no data is stored within the kiosk itself, ensuring that no one can gain access to any personal information through the equipment.

essentry is built on market-leading cloud services. These services are configured by cloud experts, which helps ensure an extremely high level of security with minimal risk for configuration errors. All employees undergo criminal background checks and sign an NDA upon hire. Employees do not have access to customer accounts unless it is explicitly granted by the customer.

essentry servers are hosted in SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001 certified facilities in the Frankfurt, Germany region. Our data center facilities are secured through multi-level security zones, 24/7 security personnel and CCTV video surveillance. In addition, these buildings are further secured by multi-factor identification with biometric access control, physical locks and alarm systems.

Data encryption:

The communication between users and essentry servers is encrypted according to industry best practices: HTTPS and Transport Layer Security (TLS) via public networks. Qualys’ SSL Labs have rated our servers Level A+. Also, when using our Windows kiosk, the entire network traffic is routed via our IPSec VPN. The hard drives of all servers are encrypted according to AES-256.

Third-Party penetration tests:

essentry contracts with third-party security experts to perform a thorough penetration test for the entire essentry service offering.

Kiosk security:

The essentry kiosk system is continuously monitored by an independent external data protection officer. The corresponding documentation can be made available at any time. The image of the ID card is only processed locally on the device and checked for authenticity. Only the necessary information (name of the guest, badge number and the photo of the person on the badge) is transmitted to the essentry servers. No personal data is stored locally on any device. If a guest does not want to provide his or her ID card, the data can also be entered manually. In this case, however, the receptionist must check the ID manually. The cameras installed at the kiosk are only active when a guest logs on at the kiosk and reaches the “face scan” step. At this point, only one image of the guest is taken and only the cropped face is used further. No additional images are stored and the cameras are immediately deactivated after this step. No pictures of people in the background are taken.

In addition to ensuring strict GDPR compliance, essentry has obtained an ISO 27001 certification based on the BSI baseline protection (BSI IT-Grundschutz) standard. Furthermore, we ensure that all our data centers are located in Germany and are subject to extensive security regulations.

The implementation process is carried out over a seven week period, during which essentry and the customer work together as a team to ensure a smooth implementation process. Our implementation process is part of our managed service offering – customized to meet each customer’s specific requirements. To ensure optimal results, essentry provides a personal contact and multiple training sessions.

essentry offers standardized license-based pricing. The pricing includes hardware, software and managed services. For more information, please contact our Sales Department.

Our customers have a positive experience with us. They praise the added value we provide through increasing efficiency, customer experience and security, without any trade-offs between them.

Here are some statements from our customers:

The management system is an important digitization component for us, which we combine with our access control systems to create an integrated solution.
e-shelter security

essentry helps us provide a digital employee and visitor experience that allows us to return safely to work and attract new talent- essentry makes our lab a safer, more secure and convenient place.
Infraserv Höchst

With essentry, Apleona transforms our reception services by elevating the visitor experience and improving the security for our customers. We can achieve an up to 90% reduction in process time, which also result in substantial cost savings for our clients.

Still not convinced? Contact us to schedule a meeting with our Sales Department to discuss how our solution can solve your problems and become a worthy investment immediately.

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