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GETEC PARK.SWISS operates an approximately 125-acre industrial park for the chemical and pharmaceutical sector at its location in Muttenz. GETEC focuses on the development, financing and realization of GETEC PARK.MUTTENZ as a transregional provider in this sector. ​ As an “Infrastructure-as-a-Service,” the company performs all required tasks in the fields of energy supply, logistics, facility management, recycling and waste disposal.

    Compliance with legal norms​

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • ​ISO 27001 certified based on the BSI IT-Grundschutz​
  • Trusted Site Infrastructure

    Uncompromising Security​

  • Heightened security through identity verification of all visitors, including suppliers such as truck drivers, couriers, etc.
  • Specific security training with multiple-choice testing in 12 languages for different visitor groups
  • Automated blocking of access cards at the end of the visit by linking to the access control system​

    High Efficiency​

  • Registration process shortened by at least 90% due to fully automated check-in processes
  • ​ Automated issuance of access cards
  • Compliance with industry-specific regulations
  • Seamless integration into existing access control and CRM systems​

A tailor-made solution

At its headquarters in Basel, GETEC provides infrastructure services for 75 companies in the life science and chemical industries. Every day, several hundred visitors and service providers of various origins and languages require access to the 125-acre site. Anyone accessing the site is subject to identity verification and specific security training.

The challenge for GETEC's security managers was to manage access requests efficiently and accountably, while at the same time increasing security. The administrative effort was to be reduced to a minimum for all parties involved: for visitors as well as for employees of the residing companies. ​
Before the introduction of essentry, the registration process was complex and the check-in involved long waiting times, especially during peak times. Thanks to the high flexibility and agility of essentry, the registration process could be highly automated, significantly increasing the process efficiency in a very short time. ​
At the same time, the system was able to integrate seamlessly into existing access systems and IT landscapes. The strength of the system lies in a highly secure identity verification within just a few seconds. For this, essentry leverages the potential of artificial intelligence and biometric technology. ​

The system offers security and compliance instructions in 12 different languages, enabling fast and precise communication.​

Due to its seamless integration into our existing systems and IT landscapes, we have massively increased the security level of our access process. Thanks to essentry's fully automated processes, the administrative effort for us and for our customers has been reduced to a minimum. Everyday, we see the effects of this reflected in the enthusiasm of our visitors and of the companies in the park and, for this reason, in ourselves as well.

Jens Zscheile


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