Make facilities safer and more secure.
Fully automated visitor management system delivered as a service. Powered by biometric technology. Made in Germany.

essentry is an enterprise-grade visitor management platform to secure and manage the entire cycle of visitor operations.


  • – Modular and customizable
  • – Border control-grade identity verification
  • – Fully automated and touchless
  • – Seamless integration into existing IT systems
  • – Managed Service

Cycle of Visitor Operations.


Create consistent email invitations and approval processes. Send branded invites including directions and other useful information to ensure a great first impression of your company.


Provide proactive security with document signing and data validation prior to a visitors arrival on-site.


Verify your visitors through a fully automated identity card (ID) authentication check and a biometric face matching scan. With more than 4,000 government issued IDs from 196 countries including all 50 US states, we have all your visitors covered.


Automatically issue visitors a printed name badge or an RFID-Card after successful authentication along with specific visitor permissions – thanks to our seamless integrations into the most common access control management systems.


Create a seamless on-site experience. Help visitors quickly connect them with their host or navigate them to their point-of-interest.


Understand who is on-site, include visitors and contractors into safety and emergency protocols, speed up repeat visit check-ins, and leverage visitor data to improve operations.


Uncompromised Security.


Mitigate risk to protect your most important assets with a multi-layered approach. Border control-grade identity verification and biometric face recognition.

Improve Process Efficiency.


Reduce the Total Cost of Visitor Access (TCVA) through the highest level of process automation. Results in a clear return on investment.

Elevate User Experience.


Turn Every visitor into a VIP with a customized and intuitive check-in experience, while providing unparalleled security for your company.

We understand Enterprise Requirements.

essentry originates from the demanding data center industry where high security facilities are an absolute necessity. We deliver the highest degree of access security to this sector along with the strictest levels of data protection, data security standards, and compliance. We apply these same enterprise-level assurances to any organization regardless of industry, location or size.

We have years of experience integrating into existing building systems to optimize your facility and security operations and to make critical processes more secure. Our solution is highly flexible and customizable for our customers’ current and future needs.

Covid-19 back-to-work initiatives.

Improve business continuity and ensure a safe, secure return to work.


  • Automate proactive safety screening and fully contactless access for employees and visitors.
  • Detect symptomatic visitors early.
  • Automatically protect your assets from visitors arriving from risk areas.
  • Trace and break infection chains.
  • Reduce liability risk for your organization.
  • Limit the exposure to business disruption.
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We integrate the systems you
are already working with


Instantly notify employees when their visitors arrive.

Azure Active Directory

Sync your employees with your Azure Active Directory.


Sync your guests and events with your Google Calendar.


Integrate with your smart building applications.

Microsoft 365

Sync your guests and events with your Office application.


Secure your lobby with IP video surveillance.

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