Redefining visitor and
identity management.

Why essentry?

Automatically verify your guests’ identity with border control-grade security in no time.

Completely and automatically verify over 4.500+ government-issued IDs from 196 countries with border control-grade security. Authenticate visitor identities by matching their government-issued IDs with a live picture taken with the embedded 3D Depth Vision Camera.


Our hardware is core to our product. Our hardware is what visitors interact with every day. That is why all of the components are carefully selected and exclusively manufactured in Germany.

User Interface

Intuitive, easy to use. Ensures
fast & secure access to your
facilities in less than a minute.
Personalized for your
company´s corporate design.

3D Depth Vision Camera

Dual-camera setup for the
most secure user verification
through facial matching
technology and liveliness


Border control-grade scanner for
authentication of ID
documents. Verifies 4.500+ types of documents. Runs
completely in local environment and deletes all
pictures right after

RFID-Card Dispenser / Badge Printer

Automatically create customizable
visitor badges. High quality printed badges are part of the fast
check-in experience.



essentry´s software includes every feature required to automate your front desk. All services are provided from a single source - our platform.

Visitor Manager

The essentry Visitor Manger helps you orchestrate each visit from a single source, starting with the invitation to check-out. It helps you maintain control over your site at all times, allowing you to tailor essentry to your specific needs.

Compliance Manager

The essentry Compliance Manger helps you adhere to regulatory and data privacy standards at all times. Build compliance workflows and ensure granular roles and permission concepts.

Integration Manager

The essentry Integration Manager supports you in the seamless integration of essentry into existing processes and IT systems - starting with access control systems, employee directories or communication systems from common providers such as Microsoft, Google or Salesforce.

We automate your front desk.


Enable proactive security with document signing and data validation – long before visitors arrive on-site.

Identity Verification

Guide your visitors through a fully automated identity card (ID) verification and biometric face matching process.

Access Automation

Automatically assign customized visitor permissions after a successful authentication – thanks to our seamless integrations into the most common access control management

RFID-Card Dispenser

Issue RFID-cards after successful check-in through the integration with your access control system.

Trusted ID

Create Trusted IDs to speed up the check-in process for returning visitors.

Visitor Analytics

Understand who is on-site at all times. Include visitors or contractors into safety and emergency protocols, expedite repeat visit check-in, and leverage visitor data to improve operations.

A simple and more secure process.

We achieve the highest level of security by combining carefully selected and specifically designed hardware and software components into one fully intergrated solution.

Beforethe Visit

Invite.Invite your guests easily through email and initiate a smooth approval process. Send branded invites including directions and other useful information.

Pre-Register.Pre-register your guests and finalize all arrangements prior to their onsite arrival. Enhance security and provide a seamless guest experience.

Duringthe Visit

Check-In. Check-in with the essentry self-service kiosk. ID cards are verified with border control-grade security. Visitor identities are further authenticated by matching IDs and a live picture. Every step completely automated.

Check-In Step 1
ID Document Verification. ID scan of 4.500+ identity documents covering 196 countries.

Check-In Step 2
3D Depth Vision Camera. The 3D Depth Vision Camera verifies the authenticity of faces.

Check-In Step 3
Authentication. Authentication through biometric matching of ID document using artificial intelligence.

Access.Access tokens such as RFID-cards allow guests to enter the facility on their own after successful check-in and are granted access through your control system.

Afterthe Visit

Check-Out. Check-out is automated through the essentry self-service kiosk and guests return their RFID-card when leaving the facility.

Documentation.Document what is happening on your site at every moment in time. Capture relevant information such as guest volume and site-specific insights. Further optimize processes through data-driven decision making.

We deliver a full service solution.

With a managed service approach, essentry is redefining visitor management. We take care of the entire visitor lifecycle from solution definition to process optimization.

Solution Design

We offer our expertise and experience to overcome your individual challenges and identify the right setup.


We manage the hardware shipment and deployment process.

Third Party Integrations

We integrate essentry into your existing processes and IT infrastructure.

Operate and Maintain

Certified technicians ensure the latest installation of hardware and software updates to guarantee a smooth operation all the time.

Support and Monitoring

24/7 support is available for our enterprise customers. Our support team prioritzes each issue and maximizes uptime.

Analysis and Optimization

We deliver data-driven, real-time KPIs that enable you optimize and succeed.

How can we help you? If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us today.