Facility-based health checks with essentry. Improve business continuity and create trust within your work environment.

Compliance & Covid-19-Prüfung

Make sure your guests complete all necessary health and safety trainings to comply with occupational and regulatory requirements.
Ensure that legal documents are acknowledged and signed as well. Furthermore Include optional automated and contactless body temperature measurement as well as health status queries in your access procedures to protect your employees and guests.

Body temperature detection

Fast (less than one second) and contactless body temperature measurement (EU-GDPR compliant operation); no contact contamination.

Touchless handling

Proactive safety screenings and completely contactless access for employees and visitors.

Body Temperature Sensor

Effective detection of potentially infectious individuals and protection against virus spread. Contactless measurement within 0.6 seconds.

Technical Specifications

Integrated sensors

Thermal-image sensor (1024px with 40° optics)

Measurement speed

0.6 seconds after detection of head position; measure up to 700 people per hour

Sensor room temperature

-40°C to 85°C


0 to 100%

Dew point

in °C

A workflow that enables GDPR compliant solutions.

For the determination of the body temperature, the input and recording of personal data is not necessary. This only takes place in the case of harmlessness.

Beforethe Visit

Invite.Invite your guests easily through email and initiate a smooth approval process. Send branded invites including directions and other useful information.

Pre-Register.Pre-register your guests and finalize all arrangements prior to their onsite arrival. Enhance security and provide a seamless guest experience.

Duringthe Visit

Check-In. Check-in with the essentry self-service kiosk. ID cards are verified with border control-grade security. Visitor identities are further authenticated by matching IDs and a live picture. Every step completely automated.

Check-In Step 1
Body Temperature Detection. Body temperature detection can be performed automatically without contact or ID verification.

Check-In Step 2
ID Scan. ID scan of 4.500+ identity documents covering 196 countries.

Check-In Step 3
3D Depth Vision Camera. The 3D Depth Vision Camera verifies the authenticity of faces.

Check-In Step 4
Authentication. Authentication through biometric matching of ID document using artificial intelligence.

Access.Access tokens like RFID-cards allow your guests to enter the facility automatically after a successful check-in process and grant access through your control system.

Afterthe Visit

Check-Out. Check-out is automated through the essentry self-service kiosk and guests return their RFID-card when leaving the facility.

Documentation.Document what is happening on your site at every moment in time. Capture relevant information such as guest volume and site-specific insights. Further optimize processes through data-driven decision making.

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